Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
If you have a question or need help with your Kam Air booking, you can find many of the answers here.


Why doesn’t Kam Air allow unaccompanied minors to fly?

We can't offer a consistent service for unaccompanied minors across all our locations, so rather than compromise your experience, we’ve decided not to offer the service

What happens if I miss my flight?

We can offer you a refund or an alternative flight if you miss your flight for any reason, What happens if I’m denied travel?


What happens if I’m denied travel?

If you’re denied boarding on a flight for which you have a valid booking confirmation, you'll be entitled to travel on the next available Kam Air’s flight. or a refund the total amount of your booking.

I’m pregnant. Are there restrictions on when I can fly?

You can fly with Kam Air as normal up to the end of your 27th week of pregnancy. After that, you can only fly with us if you give us a medical report or letter (signed or stamped by a doctor or midwife considered sufficiently qualified by us) stating: the exact number of weeks you have been pregnant your expected date of delivery that the state of the pregnancy is normal and confirming that you are fit to fly for the duration of the booked flights The medical report or letter must be written in English or Dari and the date it’s issued must not be more than 7 days before the departure date. You can’t fly with us after end of the 35th week of pregnancy. If you’re planning a return flight with us it must be before this. If you’re expecting a multiple birth, such as twins or triplets, you can fly with us up to the end of your 32nd week of pregnancy. If you’re planning a return flight with us, it must be before this.

Is there any medical equipment available on board?

Yes. There’s a first-aid kit and first-aid oxygen on the aircraft.

Can I take a stroller on board?

No. Strollers need to be checked into the aircraft hold. There’s no charge for this.

What should I do if I leave something on the plane?

If you lose something on board, contact the arrival airport’s lost property department.

Can I travel with fireworks, crackers or party poppers?

No. They are not permitted on board or in the baggage hold.

Can I smoke on board?

No. All Kam Air aircraft are non-smoking.

Can I change the name of a passenger on my booking?

No. We don’t allow name changes.

I made my booking online – where can I change or cancel it?

You can change your booking online or contact the call center

I made my booking through a travel shop– where can I change or cancel it?

You can change or cancel your booking through the travel Agent who made the original booking or through the Kam Air call center

Can I choose my seat before I fly?

Yes you can choose your seat online or while your doing your booking .

How can I get a group fare?

More than 9 people travelling together are classified as a group. Depending on demand, special group fares may be available on some routes. You can book a group fare through Link here or contact our call centre

Can I get a refund on my fare?

Subject to fare and fare rules.
If you wish to cancel your flight you must contact us in advance. All changes must be made at least 24 hours prior the flight departure; such cancellations may only be made by the customer named in the booking.
We will credit your balance (if there is any) of your fare due after deduction of cancellation Refund fee.
All the refunds of any transaction’s amount against any purchase , would be refunded to the original mode of payment.

Why couldn’t I get the lowest fare?

Kam Air fares rise as more seats are sold. Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can't get the lowest fare, it simply means one of your fellow passengers has got there first.

Can I pay cash for my booking?

Yes, you can make a cash payment through one of Kam Air’s Agent, or Sales Office . Your booking will be held for up to 24 hours to give you time to pay. If you’re booking less than 48 hours before departure, you must pay for your booking immediately.

Can I pay using a credit/debit card?

Yes, If you pay with your credit/debit card, Kam Air will ask to see it at the airport before you board your flight. If a credit/debit card has been used to pay on behalf of someone else, we’ll need to see a photocopy of the front of the credit/debit card and a photocopy of the cardholder's passport at the airport. If you can’t produce these photocopies at the airport, Kam Air will not allow you to travel. This is an extra level of security designed to protect you.

What happens if I enter my credit card details incorrectly?

If you have already enrolled and you enter the details incorrectly, your payment will either be: Declined and you will see a message on the final checkout page displaying this You will not be able to complete the transaction process and you will be unable to move from the secured page. In the event that this should happen, we would recommend that you contact your card issuing bank immediately.

What happens if I cancel the transaction?

Your credit card will not be charged. You will be taken back to the payment options page and you can choose to pay with an alternate credit card