Baggage Policy

When travelling with Kam Air, you can take along your personal belongs as your baggage. We offer a generous complimentary baggage on International & Domestic Flights. In addition, we permit one-piece cabin baggage weighing up to 7Kg per seat occupying traveler. 

International Flights


Maximum Weight

Maximum Size


30 Kg (1 Piece)

75 x 55 x 35 cm (L x W x H)

Domestic Flights


Maximum Weight

Maximum Size


20Kg (1 Piece)

75 x 55 x 35cm (L x W x H)

Baggage Types

Know more about the Baggage Types and the related services, including excess baggage allowance purchase and more.

Checked Baggage


Kam Air offers a very generous complimentary baggage allowance. This information can be seen on your ticket. 


Guidelines for packing the checked baggage

You must not attach your checked baggage together. In order to avoid any damages during the flight. You must not pack any valuable items or documents in your checked baggage. For example, money, jewellery, documents, passports etc. Your checked baggage must not contain any loose ends or straps.

Restrictions For Your Checked Baggage

Kam Air prohibits passengers from carrying lithium batteries or battery-powered devices in their checked baggage. It includes hoverboards, balance wheels, solo wheels, and mini Segways. Passengers are also advised to carry their e-cigarettes in their hand baggage. The packing of e-cigarettes on checked baggage is prohibited.

The complimentary baggage for Checked Baggage*

International Flights: 1 Piece 30 KG
Domestic Flights: 1 Piece 20 KG 
* allowances may vary between international and domestic flights.

Hand Baggage


All passengers boarding the Kam Air flight are allowed to carry only one hand baggage. The weight of the hand baggage must not exceed 7 kgs. 
The size of the hand baggage must not exceed 115 centimetres. 
Your hand baggage must be placed in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you.


Restrictions For Your Hand Baggage

You can carry perfume and cigarettes in reasonable quantities.
You must carry the duty-free items tightly sealed in a plastic bag.
You must verify the nature of medications, foods, and other special items packed in your hand baggage.
You'll need to present your hand baggage for visual inspection at the security screening point.
Our hand Baggage allowances will ensure a comfortable flight experience for all.

Maximum Cabin Baggage Allowance Size 
55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm  (21.6 in x 15.7 in x 9 in)
Maximum Cabin Baggage Allowance Weight
7 Kg (15 lb)

Excess Baggage


The standard baggage allowance for your flight will depend on your route, fare type, and class of travel. In case of any necessities, you can buy additional baggage allowance at the check-in desk.

Buying Baggage Allowance

You can buy additional baggage allowance at selected airports using cash, credit or debit card. Passengers should also be prepared to make payments using ancillary methods. You can check in as many bags as possible after the baggage allowance without exceeding the maximum weight of your class.

Prepaid Baggage

Be sure not to forget anything when you travel, especially if you're flying with us. Passengers can purchase excess baggage in advance and receive a 20% discount compared to Airport rates. Excess Baggage is the additional weight a passenger intents to carry beyond what's permitted under Free Baggage Allowance(FBA).

Adding More Items

Passengers with baggage allowance based on the number of items can also add additional allowance. You can check your ticket to find the maximum number of items that are allowed for your flight. 

Special Baggage


Kam Air passengers also have the option to carry some unusual or special items with their baggage without any additional charges. You carry these items in your hand or checked in baggage, provided you meet the following requirements:


Smart Bags
Smart bags contain lithium batteries, external devices, GPS devices, Bluetooth, and digital locking equipment. These smart bags must be provided for the visual inspection conducted by the staff members.

Mobility Aids
Battery-powered mobility aids can be carried only by passengers with disabilities. These electric wheelchairs are accepted as a part of your checked baggage. The batteries must be disconnected from the wheelchairs. The battery box should be leak and covered in a plastic seal.

Musical Instruments
Passengers can carry small musical instruments in their checked and hand baggage without exceeding the allowed dimensions. If the musical instrument exceeds the allowed weight limitations, you must purchase an additional seat in the same class to store your musical instrument next to you.

Passengers are not allowed to carry any animals onboard the flight. You can transport your pet or service animals through the dedicated Kam Air Cargo Service to any destination. 

Delayed Baggage

If your baggage is delayed or lost upon arrival, you need to notify a Kam Air representative to track your belongings at every stage.
To access updates about your missing baggage, you should complete the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) with the necessary documents:

Airport-issued Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
Air tickets and boarding pass
Baggage tags
Receipts for your baggage and its contents
Once your delayed baggage is found, the local handling agent will contact you to arrange the delivery.

Lost Baggage

If your baggage is missing for more than 21 days, you have to send a message to us via the contact form.

The form to be send must attached with the following details:

The Property Irregularity Report
The Completed Baggage Inventory Form
The Booking Reference number for your flight
Your Contact details

Damaged Baggage

If your baggage has been found damaged, you should report it to the baggage services desk at the airport immediately. The staff members will create a damage report along with a unique reference number. You must send a copy of the damage report to Kam Air within 7 days to claim the reimbursement.

The email should also be attached with the following documents:

The copy of your bag tag
Proof of excess baggage payment
The Copy of your boarding pass
The receipt for your damaged baggage
A photocopy of the damaged item

Frequently Asked Questions

Baggage Service Questions