Emergency Exit Terms & Conditions

As a passenger, if you are occupying an exit row seat make sure you meet the below conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be prepared to help in the unlikely event of an emergency;
  • Capable of understanding and following instructions;
  • Ensure you are not travelling with someone who needs assistance in an emergency;
  • Make sure you are not suffering from any permanent or temporary handicap/disability, such as deafness, hearing loss, blindness or any other disability —or be travelling with a guide dog;
  • Be able to follow the cabin crew's instructions and respond appropriately in emergency situations;
  • Be able to open, lift, and throw out an exit door that weighs 27 kg (60 lbs);
  • Not accompanied with an infant;
  • Not require the use of an extension seat belt.
  • Resting feet or any other personal item(s) in the aircraft's doorway is not permitted.
  • Once on board the aircraft, listen to the instructions given by crew members about emergency procedures and how to use an exit row seat.