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Kam Air own an assortment/collection of cutting edge aircraft and offers its customers once-in-a-generation experience. With best in class amenities on board to front edge technology that allow passengers to stay cozy and connected while in the blue sky. Our commitment to the comfort and safety of our dignified flyers are reflected in the constant change in fleet size with modern gadgets and high tech apparatuses. The interline agreement with Qatar airways, one of the 7 star airlines in the world is a testimony and declaration of that fact that Kam Air is one of the best in the neighborhood.


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Airbus A340-313 (2 Class)

  • galley Galley
  • toilet Toilet
  • emergency-exit Exit row seats with extra legroom

Tecnhincal Information

  • Number in Fleet : 1
  • Registration : YA-KAA
  • Passenger Capacity : 32 Business, 264 Economy
  • Length : 62.83m (206FT, 3.7 Inc)
  • Wingspan : 60.304m (197FT, 10 Inc)
  • Height : 16.910Mtr, (55F5.9 Inch)
  • Engines : CFM56-5C4
  • Maximum Cruise Speed : 0.86 Mach (890Km/Hr)
  • Range : 13100-13500 Km (7289 Nm)